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Howard County Family photographer, Ellicott City Family photography

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It was such a privilege to get to hang out with the “B” family on Saturday morning at their home in Ellicott City.  I LOVE when entire families get together for a photo shoot.  It makes me realize that we need to do this with our family ASAP!  Anyways, Brenda and Kevin are just wonderful parents and now grandparents.  You can tell that this family just all loves to hang out together and have so much fun…you guys, not all families are like this!  It was so refreshing.  They totally made me feel a part of their family for the morning and I’m looking forward to running into them around Howard County!

We got to take entire family photos and each individual families.  Ally and Brian recently welcomed sweet baby Addy into the world…she was 5 weeks young for the photo shoot!  Fletcher is such a great big brother…look at those doggy kisses!  howardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0001GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0002GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0003GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0004GO AHEAD,pin thisEach family have some fur babies so a family picture was not complete without them!  We had to do some rearranging so the dogs didn’t get distracted by the kittens…but somehow we pulled this off! howardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0006GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0008GO AHEAD,pin thisMatt and Alicia needed some pics with their kitties…and it was hilarious!  howardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0009GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0010GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0011GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0012GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0013GO AHEAD,pin thisBrenda and Kevin were so sweet!  It’s my favorite when the parents are just as happy and in love as their newlywed kids!howardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0014GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0015GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0016GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0017GO AHEAD,pin thisAddy practically slept the entire time…until we changed her into the pig outfit! HEHE…SO CUTE!howardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0019GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0020GO AHEAD,pin thisWe wanted some more photos with her eyes open, so she had one more outfit change and I think this is where her personality really came out.  I love this last set!howardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0021GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0022GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0023GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0025GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0028GO AHEAD,pin thishowardcountyphotographerhowardcountyfamilyphotographerellicottcityphotographer_0026GO AHEAD,pin thisThank you so much for letting me come capture your family you guys, hope you love the photos!!

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