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Two Cents Tuesday

So this Two Cents Tuesday is for the lazy person in us all. I’m so very lazy when it comes to cooking. I found this recipe in my Busy Woman Cookbook and I was so happy when my husband devoured it.  All you need is salsa, chicken and a crockpot.

I get that huge jug of salsa from BJs for like 5 bucks!  I personally don’t love the frozen chicken at BJs, so I go with Trader Joes.  Please don’t judge how dirty my crockpot is.  All you do is pour some salsa on the bottom of the crockpot, put in your chicken (doesn’t matter if it’s frozen or thawed) and pour more salsa over the chicken.  Was it really that easy? YES!


If you are not a crockpot person, you def need to learn your crockpot.  Mine is super powerful.  I can put chicken in there on high for an hour and it will be done.  So if I leave it on warm for 4-6 hours my chicken will be perfect.  You can eat the chicken whole, shred it, put it over rice, add cheese…basically do whatever.  Super easy, give it a try if you have time one morning!  That’s my two cents!

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