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Two Cents Tuesday

Today’s tip is as much as a tip for you as it is for me.  The tip is simply to take more pictures and get them printed…document your memories.  I used to be so good at this!  Ever since I was young, I would take my mom’s film camera and take pictures!  We would send the film out to Clark and get them back in the mail a couple of days later.  It was like Christmas!  In high school, my friends and I took our point and shoot camera anywhere and everywhere.  Those were the days of Webshots (for those that don’t know this was a way to share your pictures online before Facebook)…but we would still print our pictures either professionally or on our own printer!  I think it’s great that camera phones have allowed people to take more pictures, but now they just upload them to Facebook or Instagram and never really print them.  I’m guilty of this whether you believe it or not.  Being a professional photographer, it is so hard to just “bring your camera” to “take some pictures.”  We tend to be either “on” or “off” and find it hard to find an in between.  I have less pictures of the time that I’ve been a professional than any other season of my life.  So I’ve tried really hard to take more pictures casually…no pressure, just documenting.  So Saturday was my birthday and I brought my camera to everything.  They’re not perfect…but these are my memories and I can look back and remember what a great day it was.   Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday.  Here are the times that I don’t want to forget!!

So we started the morning hanging out on my parents’ porch swing.  Seriously…this is my happy place!My brothers’ garden is pretty awesome, I really don’t understand the ins and outs of permaculture but there is stuff growing everywhere.  Then, we took Paisley to the Howard County Fair to see the animals.  
We ran into some friends from high school that I literally have not seen in probably 10 years!  It was awesome!  This is how Paisley says hi!She clearly did not know we were posing for the picture.  We went home and got to relax for a bit.  Paisley loves to listen to daddy play guitar.  Then, I headed to DeJon Vineyards with some ladies for my bday.  When I got there, Aaron had already dropped off some cupcakes and bought two bottles of wine to surprise me for my birthday!  What a great husband!Again, not the best picture (it was super dark in there) but this is my bff so I’ll keep it 🙂  LOVE HER!  On Sunday we headed back over to my parents house for a crab feast!  Love their house!My brother, Adam, had been living in Oregon for the past 6 months or so and surprised me by showing up!!I even got to see Beatrix!  YAY!  Pais was so tired by the end of the day….but Jessica snapped this one which I think is pretty fitting!  There you have it…my two cents.  Take more pictures, maybe even use a point and shoot…get them printed.  Document your memories….because you only live once!


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