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Two Cents Tuesday, Oil Edition

You guys…I’m selling essential oils now. I do not want to spam you with advertisements or anything. I just started using the oils and seriously love them, so I just wanted to share with you my experiences! First, I try hard not to run to medicine for everything, when I’m sick and such. I love the oils because I feel like God has given us these plants and we can use them to benefit our body and the world around us. I, of course, think there is a time and place for medicine, but it’s pretty cool to think that we can use oils to help our bodies heal. The oils are used for sooo much that it can be overwhelming, so I’m just going to be highlighting some of my favorite on here, telling you what I use it for and how I’ve seen it help!

First..THIEVES! Thieves is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary. The story behind it is that thieves in France would rob plague victims, but were not getting sick. They would put this mixture of oils on them to help their immune system and prevent illness.

So…what have I used it for? It’s winter, so everyone have been getting colds and such. When I felt a cold coming on, I put just one drop in hot water with lemon and apple cider vinegar (Thieves tea!). I also put it on my feet diluted with coconut oil. I didn’t get sick!! You guys…this is awesome. I also, made Aaron drink it and he was over his cold in no time! If you buy a starter kit, you get a diffuser too, so I diffused it in the air to kill any germs (just for 30 minutes). The anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties of the oil kills bacteria and help reduce fungus and mold.  AND…on top of that…I put a drop in my dishwater because my dishes were smelling funky and they didn’t smell afterwards. Just one drop! It helps to kill the bacteria in my dishwasher too. You can use Thieves for cleaning etc. but it’s pretty pricy, so I rather use it on me than my house. You can also just take it daily in water, or if you don’t like the taste, you can buy empty capsules (super cheap on Amazon) and put a drop in the capsule mixed with oil.

So what about Paisley? You have to be careful using oils on babes under two. The oils are so potent, it can do more harm than good. There is a book called “Gentle Babies” that you can get to see which oils are okay for baby. I found that it is okay to put Thieves on Paisley’s feet diluted with coconut oil. Please do your own research when it comes to putting oils on babies under two!

In all, the primary ways I use Thieves oil is for: immune support, help fight cold/sicknesses, purify air, and to kill germs/smells

K…so that’s Two Cents Tuesday for today. If you’re worried about sicknesses during this time…you need to get some Thieves. The price is $44, but I think that it is worth it to prevent sicknesses. Also, Thieves comes in the starter kit, so if you want to splurge and get 11 oils and the diffuser, it’s only $150 and really is the best deal.  If you want to wait when I place an order, I place orders on the first of every month…that way you won’t have to pay for shipping!  Let me know if you have any questions!


For more info on Thieves oil…check out this site!

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