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Two Cents Tuesday

So today’s tip is something that I need to remember everyday. It’s kind of a New Year’s resolution tip….but I need to give you some background first. Becoming a mom was the best moment of my life. I entered into this new amazing season as a working at home momma…”momma” being the most important word in that phrase. As Paisley got older, I realized that it was not as easy to work on my business and care for her well. She needs constant attention and supervision and quite frankly, it can be exhausting. So my work schedule has shifted from during the day to mostly nights and weekends. I kept trying to work during the day while simultaneously watching a 1 year old, but I then realized something.  For the past couple of months I have just been trying to do so many different things at the same time, that I have spread myself thin.  I blame three things on this recent development: 1. my crazy ability to multi-task 2. social media and 3. cell phones which make social media so easily accessible… What’s that phrase? Go vertical, not horizontal?  Like do a few things well instead of a lot of things mediocre!  I feel so busy and tired and felt like I could have done a better job just overall the past couple of months.   All that to say that my tip for you and my tip for me is to be presentto be all in whatever you are doing. If I’m hanging out with Paisley…get off Facebook (no matter how much it can help my business), don’t check email, don’t watch TV…hang out with Paisley. If I’m working…don’t try to watch Netflix or get distracted online….work! If I’m spending time with my family or my husband, be there and do just that. It’s simple, I know, but it’s hard for me. Every moment of the day I can easily work on my business, promoting, blogging, editing, etc. There’s of course a time for that, but there’s also a time to be with your love ones, to grab a beer or go for a walk….to push your kid on the swing or just sit on the floor and play with her. So whatever you are doing…just be there.

That being said, here’s some pics of my life since I haven’t blogged in a while…I was practicing my tip!

Decorating our Christmas tree when Paisley could actually help!

Going on a field trip with Paisley’s ABC group to see the Wise Avenue train garden and firetrucks!

Visiting Paisley’s Mimi in Flordia for Christmas!Look at those chunky thighs!Paisley meeting her cousins for the first time!Seeing the sunrise as a family.
Seeing the lights in Sebring oh and seeing Santa!  Yeah…it was past Paisley’s bed time so I think she did pretty good!Christmas morning wearing her tutu from her Aunt Nicole and opening presents.  Hanging out with the Gullifords in Highland.  Gulliford yearly Christmas photo.  Visiting with old friends!
Paisley and Brexton hanging out…clearly teachers’ kids since they love the books!

Live your life, try not to get distracted and be all in….that’s my two cents!


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