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Two Cents Tuesday-Life and the Party

Hi everyone! Today’s Two Cents Tuesday is dedicated to a new side project that I have been working on with some friends for over a year now! Can’t believe it’s been that long and it’s finally come to fruition! Its…drumroll please….LIFE AND THE PARTY!

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This is the ultimate Two Cents Tuesday because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Some friends and I have created a Youtube channel that will have videos once a week. These videos will change by season, but are all videos about significant life transitions.   The three seasons that we are focusing are Becoming a Mama, Getting Married, and Moving Out on Your Own.  Our ultimate goal is to help people get through these transitional seasons by connecting with a community of other awesome women.Here is a little intro to what we’re all about (don’t worry, it’s only 4 minutes).

The first season (Feb-March) is about Becoming a Mama.  We will talk to experts in this area and also just give mamas some practical advice from quick/easy meals to cover up you can wear on those days that you just didn’t get enough sleep to how to take a better picture of your baby.  Check out our first video below!

Want to stay connected…be a  part of the conversation and receive some awesome advice?

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In the approaching months we are going to have some fun things going on to really try and support women.  Stay tuned!

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