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Two Cents Tuesday

Hey y’all!! Today’s two cents is for those who want to make their own facial cleaner. I just started a couple of weeks ago and have seen such a difference in my skin. So here’s the story….6 months ago or so I got a free facial. I started really thinking about my skin and what I’m putting on it. I learned that I have dry skin and I learned about exfoliation etc. I also spent over $100 on facial products after that and let me tell you that they did not last! I already have used all of them and I really didn’t notice a big difference. I have been really into essential oils lately and was researching DIY stuff like crazy. I found a recipe for a new facial cleanser and so I tried it out. I LOVE it. My face has cleared up and it doesn’t feel dry at all. I also am making my own toner and moisturizer, but today I’m going to share the very SIMPLE recipe for a facial cleanser that has helped me.

I got the recipe from here:

Ingredients: ½ Cup Grapeseed Oil 
3 Tbsp Local Honey 
2 Tbsp Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap 
Essential Oil of choice (optional)

two cents-1
So all you do is mix all those things together in a jar of some sort.  If you add an essential oil, I would suggest one of the ones below…all are great for skin (some better if you are prone to break outs and some better for your skin).  All you need is 5-10 drops.  Essential oils are SO potent, so you don’t need much to get the job done 🙂
two cents-4
After you put them all together, it may look like the jar on the left.  This is natural separation.  All you do is shake it up before you use it and it will look like the jar on the right.  two cents-2
This face cleanser is awesome!!  I love it and you should totally try it.  It will save you  money and your skin will look great….but that’s just my two cents!

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