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Bethany Beach Proposal

I am SO excited for this blog post! This was the MOST nervous and MOST excited that I think I have ever been to take pictures! So…on Thursday morning I packed up Paisley’s stuff and my stuff and headed off to Bethany Beach. About 3.5 hours and a crying baby later, we made it! I needed to make sure my plan was perfect, so I drove by Jessica’s (the future bride’s) parents’ house in a little community about 15 minutes from the beach so I knew where it was. Once I found it, I headed to Bethany to scout out the town and pick a spot for the proposal. If you haven’t been to Bethany Beach…man it’s tiny and crowded! Paisley and I went past the main attractions and found a spot that I was able to tell my brother about. I was so worried because the cell reception was terrible and there was a serious lag with the text messages. So…I waited. And Paisley played on the beach, running all over the place and playing in the sand. A messy baby is not really what you need when you’re stressed out and making sure that nothing goes wrong in preparation for a proposal. Anyways, I got a text that Stephen and Jessica would be leaving to go shopping at the boardwalk in about 30 minutes. I grabbed a slice of pizza and started to head to Jessica’s parents’ house. Once I got the text that they had left the house, I dropped Paisley off with Sheri and Barry (Jessica’s parents). Now…the stars really must have aligned because Paisley was totally okay with staying there. And off I went…

So I made it back to Bethany and told my brother that I was headed to “the spot.” I was going to be sitting on the walkway to the beach which is pretty high up and I was wearing a bright red cap so he’d be able to see me. I waited and waited…and I hadn’t heard from him! Now…the beach was super crowded and I thought that he was going to tell me when he was ready to start walking, but I guess it was too hard to send the secret text message. So…apparently I missed him! He saw me…even started waving his arms and I totally didn’t see him. Yes…Jessica thought he was losing it. Lol!

Stephen finally sent me the text that he was coming back past me. Right when I got the text I looked up and saw him and he saw me!! I RAN with my camera (and yes I left all my stuff on the bench…I know I’m too trusting) and this is what I saw…yes I was running while this was happening.

S&J-1I made it, right in the perfect position…and it was a miracle everyone cleared up behind them and gave them their own private space on the beach.  I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking from here…S&J-4S&J-5S&J-7S&J-8S&J-9So after the proposal, we took a couple of pics on the beach….but, I had to get some shots of that ring!!S&J-15S&J-11S&J-14S&J-16We went back to Jessica’s parents’ house to get a couple more shots before Stephen and Jessica headed to dinner.  S&J-17S&J-18S&J-20S&J-19Thank you SO much for letting me capture this moment for you guys…I feel so honored to be a part of such a special moment in your lives.  Jess, I LOVE you so much and I’m so happy that I am going to be your sister!  Stephen…good job, we pulled it off, yay!  You guys are my favorite!

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  • Alicia Wiley - They are a gorgeous couple! That ring is so pretty <3ReplyCancel

  • Marisa - What a great story! My nerves would be through the roof with excitement. You did a beautiful job!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Lynn Levin - Awww, Anna! I love you so much, and we are soooo lucky you were able to capture this moment. You are the best!!!! <3ReplyCancel

  • Renee - I am so glad you were there to capture this sweet moment! So lovely!ReplyCancel

  • Emily - Whew! That story stressed me out just reading it! Haha. So glad you got there in time – what beautiful moments you captured! I really love the ring shots too.ReplyCancel

  • tPoz - eeek, congrats!! I’m sure you were sweating it, but I’m glad you managed to capture this moment for your bro!ReplyCancel

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