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Ah, so this is the blog you have all been waiting for. How in the world did I go from perfectly happy and content in my little town home in Towson to moving to this huge single family home in Highland, MD?? This is a situation no one could imagine would be possible and really that just reassures me that I’m not in control here. This was 100% a God thing!

So, how did it all happen? We have to rewind all the way back to Mother’s Day…yes, May. I had a wedding that morning, but afterwards I went to my parents’ house to celebrate. When I arrived, Aaron and Paisley were playing on the neighbor’s swing set. Just a little background…the neighbors that own the house right next to my parents had moved years ago, when I was still in high school. They had been renting their house out ever since. In April, the renters moved out so the house was vacant. My older brother, Adam was in charge of fixing up the house to get it rented out again so we took advantage of that and used their swing set. When I met Aaron at the house, we decided to do a little walk through. I re-lived a ton of my middle/high school days as we walked through those doors. I remember babysitting the girls, the Christmas parties, the piano lessons, mowing the lawn, and just hanging out with Ms. Beth talking around the kitchen. I told Aaron about when the twins got sick and I gave them water and they puked all over me (umm don’t give really sick kids water, it makes them throw up even more). I relived giving the girls baths and watching Survivor for the first time (while talking to Hadass on the phone) in the family room…I mean I had a lot of memories in this house. Aaron and I for sure knew that it was our dream house and we imagined what it would be like to live there…..I always knew how awesome it was, but I invited my dear sweet husband in to enjoy it with me. However, we knew realistically this couldn’t happen. We enjoyed just imagining how fun it would be, but didn’t really think it would ever be a reality.

Well, a couple of weeks later, I decided it would be funny to write on the fb wall of the owner…

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.20.11 PM

Hahaha, so funny!  I didn’t think much of it.

Then, I get an email while eating dinner at a wedding a couple weeks later.  The owner of the house (who is like my second family) wants to help us buy the house!  SAY WHAT?!?!  Long story short…I mean it’s a real long story….but basically we had the opportunity to buy directly from the owners, forgoing a traditional bank loan.  It took us a while to work out the details, but in the end the house is ours.  This sweet family gave up making more money to allow us to live here, right next to my parents.  This is such a dream come true and I’m just so humbled at this opportunity.  We never really planned to leave Towson…it was where Aaron and I met, fell in loved, and had this gorgeous little girl.  It’s where our church community and life long friends are, but somehow God had other plans for us.  So, here we are…in this amazing house, sharing a 1/4 mile driveway with my parents with a collective 8 acres in our own little compound.  I look out the window and I see my memories and my childhood and I just tear up at the thought of knowing that I’m going to be able to give this to my baby.

Arpasi_Family_2015_139Photo cred: Melissa Hoko Photography

So as far as an announcements goes, I am now focusing my business on Columbia, MD as oppose to Baltimore.  It was a big decision for me, but I think it is best to really grow my business in Howard County since I am now living here!  If you know any HoCo peeps, send them my way please!!  I’m so excited to see what the future holds and I’m already loving it so much here…especially having my family right next door.  I’ll see you tonight for dinner, mom! hehehe


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  • Cathy England - Hi Anna, I am so very happy for you and your family. You are truly blessed. I love reading your posts and watching Paisley grow. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Cathy EnglandReplyCancel

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  • Alicia Wiley - Congratulations! This is such a blessing an amazing way to start the year!ReplyCancel

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