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Beach weekend!!

A couple of weekends ago, I got invited to a girls weekend at Rehoboth Beach with 5 other amazing girls: Anna Grace, Hannah, Jenna, Kate, and Maddie. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive about the weekend just because I didn’t know the girls very well and I have never spent 3 whole nights away from Paisley. But I can honestly say that it was a perfect mix of girls nights watching movies, going out, and having fun! I have been reading Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist (which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone and everyone) and this quote comes to mind when I think about the weekend. “Because there really is nothing like good friends, like the sounds of their laughter and the tones of their voices and the things they teach us in the quietest, smallest moments.” Thank you girls for including me and giving me a weekend that reminded me I’m more than a momma!

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So one thing about being at the beach is that you hope for some warmth…welp, it definitely wasn’t, it was pretty much freezing, but when you go to the beach with a bunch of photographers you can’t leave without taking some pictures!  We all dressed up a bit and took some fun pics of each other on the beach and around the town.  Enjoy!

AG, you’re such a natural… you hottie you!!

Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0002Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0004Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0005Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0003Jenna was pretty much freezing, so I only got one pic of her while I was testing my light. But it’s still a pretty one.  Jenna, you’re gorgeous!Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0001Hannah was so bubbly and fun even though it was SO cold.  I think she just had the best time twirling in her pretty dress. Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0006Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0008Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0007Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0009Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0010Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0011Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0012Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0013Oh Maddie…you cannot get any cuter!  This girl loves her heart shaped sunglasses and can strike a pose at the drop of a hat.Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0014Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0015Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0016Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0017Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0018Arpasiphotographyrehobethbeachbaltimorephotographer_0019

I highly recommend a girls beach weekend if you can get away!  Do it, it will be refreshing and so much fun!

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