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Great Falls Proposal | Jason & Janell

greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-16I was SO excited when Jason sent me a message asking me if proposal photography “was a thing.” YESSSS it is most definitely is a thing and I wish that EVERY guy would hire a photographer to capture that special moment. There is just so many amazing emotions and there is nothing quite like when someone asks someone else to spend the rest of their life with them! It’s magical!

So Jason’s plan was to propose at Great Falls by overlook 3 to his girlfriend, Janell. He also flew in Janell’s best friend from Florida, Heather, who would be hiding with Jason’s cousin. He really wanted both moments captured, the proposal and the reveal of Janell’s best friend! In his message to me he just had one hope…that it wouldn’t rain! Of course like all things that are very meticulously planned…not everything goes the way you would hope!  On Friday night, the forecast was rain and lots of it.  I texted Jason and he said,  we are still going to do it…rain or shine!

The proposal was suppose to happen at 2pm sharp.  I haven’t been to Great Falls (the Virginia side) in forever so I arrived at 1:30.  For those of you who are wondering cell phone service is very shotty at Great Falls…I was getting worried that Jason wouldn’t get my text that I was there!  But finally I got connected to Kayla (Jason’s cousin) who was stuck in traffic.  I was just waiting around at overlook 3 in the rain.  If you are reading this and happen to be one of the people who was at overlook 3 on Saturday… I was the creeper who was pretending I was taking pictures over and over again while I waited.  I swear every time a couple approached, the female just stared at me and wondered if her boyfriend was about to propose….I tried not to make eye contact!  It was about 1:50 when Kayla and Heather came.  Oh thank God, confirmation that I was in the right place!!  Kayla said that Jason and Janell were close behind.  So I just waited, taking the same pictures over and over again just waiting for Jason and Janell!  About 15 minutes after 2pm, I saw two people wearing black jackets walking towards the overlook…it was them!!  I just kept taking pictures and didn’t even look over at all.  Once Jason took Janell to the landing, I snuck over…

So Jason then pointed out to Janell who was walking up…and this is when she saw her best friend!greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-25greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-27greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-29greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-30greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-31greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-33greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-43greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-39greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-44greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-47greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-48greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-42greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-50greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-56greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-46greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-83greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-57greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-58greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-62greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-61greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-82greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-64greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-65greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-66greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-67greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-68greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-69greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-70greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-75greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-77greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-78greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-80greatfallsengagementarpasiphotographyproposal-76 Congrats Jason and Janell!!!  Despite the rain, you totally rocked these shots for me.  Your love and joy was just radiating and I am so excited to see what God will do through your marriage.  Hope you like the pictures!!

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  • Dani - Awwww!!! This proposal at Great Falls is amazing! I love that this still happened even with the rain! Gotta love a man who sticks to his plans. They look so happy. Nothing like having a photographer there to capture this genuine excitement and happiness!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Swann - Oh my goodness!! Jason and Janell are adorable and I’m so glad you were there to capture this memory for them! So sweet, Anna!ReplyCancel

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