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Easter and some thoughts from me!

So sometimes I actually get out my camera when I’m not getting paid! I know, I know…it’s crazy. And actually people make jokes all the time that Paisley is so used to the camera…but it’s not true at all. I’m so all or nothing when it comes to taking pictures that it’s hard for me to experience the moment AND take pictures all at the same time. The past couple weeks we have had some very special moments.  First, Aaron’s mom and grandfather were able to take an impromptu trip to Maryland.  We had the chance to spend some quality time with them, just hanging out, laughing, going to Fed Hill, and spending time at our new home creating memories.  I’m so glad I got to take some pictures of them before they left.  I will truly treasure these moments and I’m so glad that I have pictures to remind me of that wonderful week we spent together.

grandfather-1grandfather-3grandfather-7grandfather-9I wasn’t planning on being in a picture…but this is what I look like 99% of the time.  #truestorygrandfather-10grandfather-13grandfather-16grandfather-17Aww, I love the father/daughter love!  It’s so sweet!grandfather-20The next day was Easter and besides for it being Easter, it was our 6th anniversary! It was also the due date of the baby that we miscarried. If you missed the story, I opened up about our miscarriage here on the blog.  What a day of emotions…it was a lot.  I was dealing with it pretty well, the mixture of celebrating, closure, and mourning.  But then around 10am I got a migraine (oh and did I mention I had a shoot later that day?).  I haven’t gotten a migraine in forever, so who knows maybe it was a mixture of the stress and emotions, but it seemed completely random.  The migraine helped me to not focus on the tragic part of the day…the “what should be.”  You know, it’s hard to see other women’s swollen bellies, people’s snap chats of their belly moving, or the happiness and joy of a newborn baby’s squeal. But, I  know that the Lord is still good.  And He has a plan and I have to trust that plan no matter how confusing it seems to me.  My main comfort comes from knowing that one day we will be complete and whole as a family with God in heaven.

So back to Easter…because of my migraine, we missed out on church.  When I was feeling better, we had a little Easter egg hunt for Paisley.

easter-1Yeah, this was her eating jelly beans and saying, “cheese!”easter-2easter-4Yeah, I’m looking rough as I said…I had a migraine.  But it’s okay, I have a picture with my baby girl on a very special day to us.  easter-7easter-9easter-13easter-10easter-14After Paisley’s nap and my shoot my migraine was almost completely gone!  I got to take some sweet spring pictures of my baby.  easter-15easter-17easter-19easter-16easter-21easter-20We decided to plant a tree in memory of our angel baby.  We got a water lily magnolia, I can’t wait to see those pretty blooms next spring!easter-30easter-41easter-31easter-42She sure loves her daddy!easter-38easter-24easter-34Thank you to our family and friends for all of the support through this time.  It was so sweet to get the texts, messages, and phone calls.  We are so blessed to have this sweet baby girl and 6 wonderful years of marriage!  I love our community, I know that we don’t have to go through anything by ourselves.  If you are going through something and feel alone, I’m here for you!  Please reach out, I would love to talk to you.

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