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Howard County Newborn Photographer | Baby Nora

Oh my goodness, baby Nora surprised us all making her debut 3.5 weeks early!  Nora’s mommy is my very best friend in the whole world and it was such a privilege to be able to capture this time for her (luckily my baby is deciding to stay put for now).  Nicole and I were due 8 days apart and it was so awesome to get to go through this journey with her…checking up on each other after appointments, asking questions, checking in.  But that was just pregnancy…there’s something about that translation of becoming a mommy that just amazes me every time I see it happen.  Seeing Nicole become a mom and Steven become a dad right before my very eyes filled me with so much joy.  They are so over the moon in love with sweet Nora Lynn and I couldn’t be happier for them.  Hope you guys can tell in the pictures!lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0003lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0001lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0004lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0005lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0002lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0006I love that she is smiling and looking right at me in this pic!lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0007lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0008Love the sweet touches on the nursery.  lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0009lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0010Time for the doodles to get in the pics!lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0012lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0011lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0014lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0015lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0018lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0021lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0022
Nothing like daddy/daughter love!  Seriously…just so sweet!
lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0023lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0025lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0024lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0027lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0029My best friend is a MOM!  I just can’t…these pictures make me SO HAPPY!

lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0031lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0030lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0032lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0033lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0035lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0034lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0036lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0037lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0038lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0040lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0041lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0042lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0043lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0044lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0045lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0048lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0046lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0047Since somehow we went through the last 8.5 months without getting ONE picture of us pregnant together, I guess this will have to do.  Just Nora on the outside!  lifestylenewbornphotographyhowardcountynewbornphotographercolumbiamdphotographer_0049Nora Lynn…your Auntie Anna loves you SO much and baby Joy can’t wait to meet you!

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  • Emily - These are seriously so great! So many awesome moments. I love everything with the dogs (they look like they’re smiling too!) and especially the one of dad kissing nora’s toes. Adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Brea - Anna!!! These are so sweet and you can tell how much you love them. How wonderful to get to go through this with your best friend and to have built in besties in your own babies!!ReplyCancel

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  • Howard County Photographer | Spring Family Photos | Nora and Family - […] I was so excited to get to take updated family photos for Nora and her family now that she is 1 year old!  Nicole (Nora’s momma) is my very best friend.  We met working at Camp Sonshine in Montgomery county years ago and became super close when we attended Towson together.  We then became roommates and the rest is history!  Honestly I’ve taken so many pictures of Nicole throughout my life.  We did a jumping picture wherever we went…we perfected the self-timer, we would just take a pictures because we were bored.  One of our favorite games would be to give a command and take a picture of us acting it out.  Like…my favorite, mid-sneeze and then we would take a picture of us pretending to be in the middle of a sneeze.  Or…a bumble bee just stung you and we would take a picture of our faces.  I know, you wish you were as cool as us!  HAHA!  We were kind of obsessed with pictures.   I’m happy to say the last couple of shoots have been some of my favorite (and luckily a bit more meaningful than those shoots in college); when Nicole and Steven got engaged, their 1st anniversary, and when Nora was born. […]ReplyCancel

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