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Turf Valley Wedding | Carly &Steve

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The day was full of bright pinks and oranges, an incredible amount of love and happiness, and so many smiles (maybe some tears too). I loved being a part of Carly and Steve’s day. Carly and Steve met at River Hill High school (where I also met Carly), dated a bit, and then got back together several years later. Carly was “full of bubbles” as Steve put it and Steve was relaxed and brimming with happiness. This was truly a unity of families coming together.

It was a gorgeous September day for a wedding at Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Maryland. I mean, it wasn’t too hot, there was a nice breeze and everything just came together perfectly. All the decor was done Enchanting Designs so props to them for the gorgeous set up, I really loved the huppa! Also, the band, Rich Posmontier Music...was AMAZING! Fun fact was that the band was the same band that Carly and her brothers had at their bar/bat mitzvahs!

I hope you can feel the love from these images! Carly and Steve, thank you so much for having me capture your memories!

turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0001turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0002Thanks to my second shooter, Anna, who grabbed these details while I was hanging out with the guys.  Always helps to have an extra hand so that you can get everything you want remembered on your wedding day!turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0003turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0005turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0004turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0007turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0008turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0009turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0011turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0013turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0014turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0015turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0019And this is why I LOVE a first glance!!turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0020turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0023turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0026turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0028turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0030turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0035turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0036Carly’s dad, Steve, suffered a traumatic brain injury a couple of months prior to the wedding.  It was an absolute miracle that he was able to be there for her special day.  It was so beautiful to get to witness the family coming together to celebrate!turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-50turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-56turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-59turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0048turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0050turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0051turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0053turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0058The huppa was just stunning!!
turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0059turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0060Carly had her entire family walk her down the aisle.  There wasn’t a dry eye around!!  turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0062turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0063turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0065turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0066turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0068turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0072turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0074turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0083The reception was just as gorgeous as the huppa!  Enchanted Designs did an amazing job decorating Turf Valley Resort!turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0075turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0079turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0082turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-114turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-115turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-118The Rich Posmontier ensemble was INCREDIBLE!  Everyone was dancing and having an amazing time!
turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-135turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-137turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-138turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-126turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-146turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-149turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-173turfvalleyweddinghowardcountyweddingphotographercolumbiaMDweddingphotographerellicottcitywedding-193I wanted to end with this picture of a butterfly.  When I met Steve and Carly at Carly’s parents house, her dad showed me his photography.  It was full of nature, animals, plants, etc. that he had captured over the years.  When I saw this butterfly, I grabbed it real quick because it reminded me of the photography that he showed me.  I thought it would be special for them to have a butterfly from Steve and Carly’s wedding day and here it is.turf_valley_wedding_photographer_0057Thank you so much to all of the vendors who came together to make this day possible!  Carly and Steve couldn’t have done it without you!
Wedding Venue: Turf Valley Resort
Catering: Turf Valley
Band: Rich Posmontier Ensemble
Hair/Make-up: Vivid Salon and Spa (Karen and Tierney)
Bridal gown:  Curvaceous Couture
Bridesmaid dresses: Azazie
Shoes: DSW
Groom’s suit:  King’s Contrivance Formal Wear
Groomsmen suits: Jim’s Formal Wear
Florals and decor: Enchanting Designs
Programs: Aunt of the bride
Invitations: Minted
Cake: Debi’s Cake Design
Videographer: Last Avalon Films
Photographer: Arpasi Photography
Second shooter:  Anna Yushkova

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