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Great Falls Engagement Portrait

Great Falls MD Engagement Photography | Grace & Ben

Grace and Ben were absolutely the sweetest during their Great Falls MD engagement session. Ben is in the military, he is a Naval Flight Officer and they met while he was stationed in Hawaii. Grace is from Maryland (actually I’ve been close friends with her sister since middle school!) so they are having their wedding here in December. I got the chance to ride in the car with Grace and Ben to Great Falls since Grace lives so close to me and it was so great getting to chat with them. My favorite part was hearing the story of how Ben proposed.

Here is Grace’s version of the story, “Ben was deployed in Okinawa and had 4 days off. I hadn’t seen him in 6 months! So I hopped on a flight from Maryland the next day at 6am after he told me had some days off and I could visit him. It was 26 hours of traveling! On our second day together, Ben took me to a hidden cove at a beach and proposed.” What she didn’t mention was that her sister just happen to be in Okinawa a couple of days before that visiting friends (I know, they are quite the world travelers!) and told Ben about the perfect spot to propose, which apparently was not so easy to find. So Grace and Ben went for a walk and just kept walking and walking…oh yeah Grace went to go in the backpack to grab something and out of the 15 zippers she could have chosen (okay I might be exaggerating, but still) she goes right for the pocket he hid the ring in! Ha! Of course! So after a bit of a walk, they found this “spot” and Ben got down on one knee and asked Grace to spend the rest of her life with him! Love that story!

Anyways, since it’s not super convenient to get married outside in December but Grace and Ben really wanted to incorporate the outdoors (specially water), they decided to go to Great Falls for their session. It was a gorgeous day and we found the perfect spots, I hope you love them as much as I do!!

So we were just about to turn around, but then heard something so I ran ahead to see if the view was “worth it”…ummm I think it definitely was!  SO AMAZING!As we were walking back it was super dark, but I saw this gorgeous landscape and had to grab one more…photographers, this was 4000 iso, 1.4, and 1/125!Grace and Ben, I am SO excited for your wedding in December!  You guys are the cutest and I know it will be an epic celebration!

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