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Micro Wedding at Ryleigh’s Oyster Bar | Kathi & Chip

Kathi & Chip

Kathi and Chip are the very sweetest together and their day was filled with so many emotions.  This is a story of two families coming together to make one new one.  Their wedding reflected just that with so many personal touches and meaning.  It literally could not have been any more special.  I had just met Chip and Kathi not even an hour prior to their ceremony and they had me in tears with their vows.  It truly was such an honor to be a part of their day.

I arrived at their home where their family was getting ready for the wedding.  Kathi has 1 son and Chip has 3 kids.  Let me tell you it was a cold evening, but we snuck into their neighbors back yard for some pretty light and so that I could take a couple of portraits before heading to the ceremony.  Just seeing how happy everyone was, I knew that it was going to be a special wedding.  I mean you could feel the excitement and joy in the air!

After we took a couple of family and bride & groom portraits, we headed over to Ryleigh’s Oyster Bar.  They have a great tented area that they were using for the ceremony.  When I arrived, there were so many family and friends just ready to celebrate.  As you scroll through these pictures you will see how unique and special this day was to them and hopefully you’ll be able to feel some of the emotions they experienced.  Chip & Kathi, congrats again!  Yours is a day I’ll always remember!

Both Kathi’s brother and Chip’s brother officiated the wedding, making everything so personal.
Chip and Kathi then stood up to say their vows.  When it was Kathi’s turn she didn’t just say her vows to Chip…but to every single one of their kids.  You guys…there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!What a happy family, congrats guys!!

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