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Two Cents Tuesday | Winter Edition

Tips and Tricks from Anna

Hey guys! So its been a while since I shared a Two Cents Tuesday tip. I decided to just bust out an entire winter edition of my favorite things that helped me to survive living in Maryland Dec-March. Anyone else hate winter?? Just me? I’m a summer baby through and through. I tend to get a little bit of the winter blues and I realized that most of these things could help anytime of year, so even though winter is over, here you go:


1. 1 Second a day App

I’m loving this app!  I always saw others use it, but I decided to download it (its free btw).  You just take your videos and pick a one second clip from each day to make a “mash up” of videos.  The really cool thing is is that the app can find your video from each day.  When you open the calendar and select the day it pulls up the video and then you can select the 1 second you would like to use.  I even went back and did videos from 2016 (ones that I had on my phone).  Check out my insta-stories to see my videos at the end of each month.  It truly makes me reflect and take in those sweet moments while these babies are young.

2. Verilux Happy Light

I realize that this is probably the thing that you would need in mostly winter, but I really truly think it made a big difference for me.  When I was consistently using it, I was in a much better mood.  I have my “happy light” right here at my desk (as pictured) so I use it everyday.  I ended up purchasing the smaller version and I think I would splurge next time for the bigger one, you can find it here.  The smaller version you have to keep on longer (30 min-1 hour) to be effective.  The larger version you only need to have it on for 10-30 minutes at a time.  I also plan to use it on rainy days during the summer or when I don’t get a chance to go outside too much.  I’m not sure how it works, but it does! Check it out!

3. Lemongrass Products

Lemongrass products are where its at!  I have been using them for a while now, but I just had a little party and got a ton more products.  I’m so happy I did.  Lemongrass is a clean, organic skincare company.  They also sell make-up.  Not to be a broken record about stuff like this, but what we put on our skin matters.  Our skin sucks up toxins so easily.  I feel like we all wonder why cancer is so prevalent, I think that the toxic stuff we use plays a role in those high numbers.  Click the link to check out the catalog.  Lemongrass is a MLM company, but I have a friend who sells it so I can hook you up just let me know.  Some of my favorite products are: healing balm, prebiotic face wash, charcoal skin products (mask, polish), overnight ultra lift creme, under eye cream, and their mascara.  These products are way more affordable than a lot of other clean products you see on the shelves of Target so I don’t even mind paying the shipping.

4.  Eat at Home meal planning

You guys…this is a GAME CHANGER.  If you’re a busy mom or just a busy person but strive to eat healthy meals at home and eat less meals out this is for you.  This woman has 4 meal plans to choose from : No flour/No sugar, Slow Cooker/Instant Pot, Traditional Meal, Wholesome Traditional Meals.  I have been doing the no flour/no sugar meals and they are amazing! My kids love them and so does my husband (and even my parents!).  The nice thing about this meal planning is that she also gives you the very organized, color coded shopping list (pictured left).  This is what has been so amazing!  You go through the shopping list and cross out what you don’t need.  What I have loved is that this has saved me SO much stress at 5pm when Joy is still napping and I’ve been working at my computer for that last 2-3 hours and then I have to plan and cook a meal.  The cost is minimal and worth it!

5. Thieves cleaner 

Speaking of clean, chemical free products…I have to give a shout out to Young Living with their Thieves cleaner!!  Thieves cleaner is a concentrated cleaner.  You use one capful for 2 cups of water for the general multi-purpose cleaner.  I literally don’t know why you wouldn’t buy this product.  If you buy Method cleaner or other green cleaner brands at Target they cost $4-$6.  Literally thieves cleaner is a fraction of that cost and it lasts forever.  I had one bottle last me for three years and I use it ALL THE TIME.  I spray down my counters, my table, the girls toys, bathroom surfaces, mopping the floor, windows etc.  You can use less when using it for windows and you may have to look up different recipes for different uses but generally its really simple and so cheap!  I have plenty in stock, so I can sell some to you if you’re interested.

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