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Bohemia Overlook Wedding

Bohemia Overlook Wedding | Samantha & Dan

Bohemia Overlook Wedding

This Bohemia Overlook wedding was on a gorgeous September day in North East, Maryland. Samantha and Dan got married at the beach section of the venue.  What I love about Bohemia Overlook is that you get so many different feels all in one place. This venue is full of rolling fields, stunning vineyards, and beautiful buildings. It even has a private pier that we took some portraits on later in the day.

Samantha & Dan

These two love birds have known each other for years! They grew up right outside of Baltimore, MD. Dan is Sam’s older brother’s best friend.  She all of her memories growing up had Dan hanging out with Joe, she grew up with him around all of the time. Little did she know that Dan had developed a crush on her.

Finally, Sam decided that she was interested too.  She was totally in the dark that Dan had feelings for her for so long!  Once they started dating they were inseparable, not to mention adorable.  They have such a cute little love story!  Each part from getting together to buying their first home to Dan proposing on Halloween by the bonfire.  

You can also check out their engagement photos at Patapsco State Park here.  These two are just crazy about each other!  Their wedding was an amazing day from getting ready, to first glance to their, “I do’s” to the reception.  Everything came together beautifully for the most perfect day.  Sam and Dan…congrats!!!

Bohemia Overlook Wedding Couple Portrait

Getting Ready

I could feel the excitement of the entire bridal party while they were getting ready for the ceremony.  When you book the beach venue, you get to use the cute little house on the property to get ready.  And I entered the energy was tangible.  The girls were getting their hair and makeup done, with mimosas in hand downstairs in the newly renovated kitchen and dining area.  After that, Sam went upstairs to the loft to get dressed.  The light in the room was perfect for getting ready and the colors of their dresses even matched the room!

Wedding Dress at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Bride Getting Ready at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Bridesmaids at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Bridesmaids with Bride at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue

First Glance

Samantha decided to do a first glance not only with Dan but also with her dad!  She and her dad seeing each other was the sweetest thing ever…there wasn’t a dry eye around.  The joy just spills out of this photo. I love it!  Then, we found a perfect little secluded spot by the vineyards for Sam and Dan to see each other.  It was such a beautiful moment, they were bubbling over with excitement to see each other!

Bride and Father at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
First Glance at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue

Pre-Ceremony Portraits

This entire bridal party was such a breeze to work with.  I know not everyone loves getting their picture taken, but I promise with me it will be easy and fun!  And lets talk about those bridesmaid dresses!!  I love the various blues but still keeping the same style.  I had such a fun time capturing their excitement together just before the ceremony started and bonus I even got to work with my past bride and groom (Hi Shelby and Joe!!!).  Also…is Sam not the most stunning bride ever??

Bride at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Bridesmaids Portrait at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Black and White Version of Bridesmaids at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Bride and Gown at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Groomsmen at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Close Up of Bride at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue

Bohemia Overlook Wedding Ceremony

It was such a gorgeous day for a wedding! The sun was shining and this Bohemia Overlook wedding was so picturesque. When you get married at the beach side of Bohemia this is what your ceremony will look like!  You gather with your closet family and friends as you say your “I do’s” and you get stunning views of the water.  There’s a breeze coming off the water and you hear the gentle waves crashing as you vow to love each other forever.  It could not have been any more perfect!

Waterfront Ceremony at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Venue
Bohemia Overlook Wedding Ceremony
Vows at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Ceremony
Newlyweds Kiss at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Ceremony
Bohemia Overlook Wedding Recessional

Bohemia Overlook Wedding Reception

The beach section of this venue offers a tented wedding reception.  For the fall months, it is perfect, not too hot or cold.  They decorated with pops of dusty blue which were subtle and classy.  Every detail for Sam and Dan came together perfectly!  The dances were so sweet, the speeches were hilarious and heartfelt, and the dancing was fun!  

Cake and Flowers at Bohemia Overlook Wedding
Bride and Groom Dancing at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Reception
Head Table at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Reception
Cake Cutting at Bohemia Overlook Wedding Reception

Sunset Photos at Bohemia Overlook

You guys…you have to do sunset photos at your wedding!  The light is completely different (usually) and I even remember Dan saying it was nice to have a little break to reflect on his time with his new wife.  I am so happy that Sam and Dan let me pull them away for these sunset photos.  Bohemia Overlook has a beautiful pier on the beach side of the venue.   This was right down the hill from their tent, so we started there.  We then took the golf cart to other side of the venue and caught the last of the light on the gorgeous rolling hills.  It was an absolutely perfect setting!

Bohemia Overlook Wedding
Newlyweds on Pier at Bohemia Overlook
Newlyweds in Field at Sunset at Bohemia Overlook


As a Baltimore wedding photographer, I have seen a lot of weddings and this one was for the books!  Sam and Dan…I’m so happy for you guys!!  Congratulations!!

And also…when your bride is a dance teacher…she’s on the dance floor ALL NIGHT!  Seriously…best wedding ever!

Dancing at Bohemia Overlook Wedding

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Anna Arpasi of Arpasi Photography


Photographer: Arpasi Photography
Venue: Bohemian Overlook
Coordinator: K.L Patchak
Videographer: Black Tie, Jim Skipper
Hair/MUA: Presh Beauties
Florist: Twisted Vine
DJ/Band: Taylor Event group
Caterer: T&M
Cake/Cupcakes/Dessert: Sweet Spice
Invitations/Stationary: Vistaprint
Dress designer/bridal shop: Betsy Robinson
Bridesmaids dress store: David’s Bridal
Mens Tux Store: Men’s Warehouse
Wedding Favors: Homemade


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