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Harpers Ferry Proposal

Harpers Ferry Proposal

Kate & Alex

Alex was my neighbor growing up in good ol’ Highland, MD.  I was sooo excited when he reached out to me because he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Kate.  He had an amazing plan and I was DOWN FOR IT!!  Kate and Alex are hikers.  They love nature and adventure.  


Alex’s plan was to hike up Maryland Heights Trail and propose at the top!  As you can imagine, this took a lot of coordination.  I had a wedding in Virgnia later that day, so we had to do the hike a proposal pretty early.  If you’ve ever taken this hike it is a bit grueling and Alex was a little a head of schedule.  I BOOKED it up the mountain (yes, with ALL My gear) and got in the spot, all ready for the proposal! Kate had NO idea what was about to go down.  

The Proposal

Alex told me once he put his backpack down, he was going to pop the question.  So I waited until the time was right!

Engagement Portraits

The best part about proposal photography is getting to take portraits afterwards.  And even though it was foggy out….the view was BREATHTAKING!


You always need a pic of the ring after a proposal!!  BIG congrats to Alex & Kate!!! 

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