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Family walking at the Shrine of St Anthony in Ellicott City MD

Tips & Tricks for a Mini Session with Arpasi Photography

Howard County Maryland Family Photographer

Mini sessions!!  A mini session is a shorter (25 minute) session.  You still receive all the edited digital images and an online gallery from your session.  I usually have them on one day and location.  You sign up for a specific time slot.  

I offer minis as a perk of being an Arpasi Photography past client.  Why not offer them to everyone?  This is because I know you and your children already.  Once I’ve had a session with you, I am confident that I will be able to get everything I need in 25 minutes, but ONLY if you follow these simple tricks!

Howard County Family Photos Shrine of St Anthony Ellicott City

Go with the Flow

I swear kids know if you are stressed out and putting pressure on your session.  Your stress is felt when you demand your kids to smile or to stop running away..  Here’s the thing…we’ve only got 25 minutes so they may not act perfect, but that’s okay!  Let’s get some photos of them being themselves.  Playing, being silly, dancing, whatever! 


Donuts, gummies, ice cream…oh my!  Pictures are a special thing, make it a special experience for them.  This is not an everyday occurrence, you aren’t going to spoil them by feeding them gummies for cooperation..  Ain’t nothing wrong with a little incentive to get the kids to somewhat cooperate for 25 minutes..  If you don’t have an incentive, I will usually ask if there is something I can use to incentivize them with.  AKA its not uncommon for me to say…”Who wants a lollipop?  Everyone scream LOLLIPOP!!!” *click* that always makes the best faces!

Give me a heads up!

Let me know what your kids are currently “into.” This could be a song, tv show, or a book.  It helps if I can pretend to be Elsa singing, “Let It Go,” or being silly acting out, “We don’t Talk about Bruno.”  Whether its Baby Shark or Paw Patrol, you should see their face when I bust out their current interest.  


Let me know the most important photo you want at your session.  Individauls of kids?  A full family smiling photo?  All the kids together?  I will priorate your number 1, but also get a lot in between!

Let me take charge/interact

When it comes down to it, you’re paying me and I’m really good at my job.  Let me take charge especially with the kids.  I often am running up to them with the camera and interacting with them.  I let kids touch my camera or throw leaves at me.  This lets me get very genuine photos of them.  But you have to let me do it!  

Have fun!!!

Just have fun!  These photos are for you to remember a certain season of your life.  In 20 years you will look back at these images and cherish the memories captured.  

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