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Baltimore Engagement Photographer Fells Point

Baltimore Engagement, Fells Point

Becca and Ben

These two lovebirds met and fell in love in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, amidst the historic charm and cobblestone streets of Fells Point; so no better place to have their engagement photos with this lovely backdrop of the city! It also happens to one of my favorite places to have Baltimore Engagement Photography!

couple poses in front of colorful canoes in Fells Point Baltimore MD
couple walking on cobblestone in black and white
couple smiles at the camera at golden hour in fells point
Engagement pictures at Fells Point

Amongst the Cobblestone Streets

As they wandered through the cobblestone streets, Becca and Ben couldn’t help but feel the weight of history surrounding them. With each embrace, they honored the love stories that had unfolded in Fells Point for centuries, adding their own chapter to the rich tapestry of romance woven into the city’s fabric.

As their engagement photoshoot drew to a close, Becca and Ben knew that their journey together was just beginning. With Fells Point as the backdrop to their love story, they embraced each other tightly, excited for the adventures that lay ahead and the memories they would continue to create together.

couple poses in front of Fells Point green doors
Golden hour on the dock in Fells Point
hands over water in Fells Point Baltimore MD
couple laughing at tree line in Fells Point
couple poses at golden hour in Fells Point on the water

As the Sun Sets

In the cobblestone streets of Fells Point, amidst the echoes of history and the whispers of love, Becca and Ben’s engagement photoshoot captured the essence of their journey together. With each photograph, they immortalized not only their love for each other but also the timeless beauty of Baltimore’s waterfront charm. As they walked hand in hand into the future, they carried with them the memories of this magical day, knowing that their love would only continue to grow stronger with each passing moment.

couple cuddles in front of boats at sunset in Fells Point
a couple walks in tree lined cobblestone streets
engagement photos in Fells Point Baltimore

One last shot

It was so important for Becca and Ben to get a picture in front of the Domino Sugar sign.  We went to their house where you could see the sign from the street.  We set up all the equipment in the middle of the street and had to do some trial and error, but in the end we totally nailed it!!  Becca and Ben, big congrats on your engagement!! 

Night shot at the Domino Sugar sign in Baltimore

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